Launch is one of the UK’s leading independent creative PR agencies, created in 2001. 

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We’re bold.  We’re entrepreneurial.  We’re decent and kind. 

We push our clients to Own It.

We drive our Launchers to Own It.

Own It for clients means guiding them to own a strategic PR territory that unifies comms, ignites the agenda and delivers commercially. 

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Launchers are seriously professional and ambitious for clients (and themselves), but warm, kind and decent.  Which we think really matters.  


We’re also the agency that created The Creative Shootout, the UK’s leading done in a day creative awards for the marketing industry, staged for charity each year.   


Creating, owning and staging a major industry awards is not a usual thing for an agency to do. 


Mind you, we’re not that usual. 

Own it. Or others will.

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