• Johnny Pitt


Launch launched in the week of 9/11, some 20 years ago this week. I’ll never forget watching the tragic events of that day unfold on our tiny TV, perched on a filing cabinet in our first ever office (the TV, not me). And 20 years. Wow.

We launched as the UK’s first ever project-based PR agency. Unreal nowadays to think that no one offered a project model at the time! And whilst the model has developed, many of our core values still hold true; only as good as our last job, creative passion, hunger, results, detail, empathy, work hard / play hard – and chocolate, always. It’s been an eventful, fun, absorbing, rewarding, emotional and at times tough 20 years, for sure. But utterly compelling and brilliant. And I’m mega proud of what me and 1,117 Launchers have achieved along the way. Our alumni network is impressive, with many having gone on to more brilliance elsewhere (and uber proud when I see it). And ‘once a Launcher, always a Launcher’ as we say.

I’ve never done a call out during our lifetime, but as we continue to grow, I’m finally reaching out to my network on a subject close to my heart – creative talent; to see if anyone had any good recommendations for creative PR directors, or managers. Ideally the person/s would be a strong and empathetic facilitator, with the ability to build smart PR strategy - and even smarter cross channel, publicity-laden creative. Mid - senior level. Freelance or permanent. We’re open.

And I can promise incredible people, uber cool new offices, awesome benefits and a business that’s ever hungry to develop itself and its people.

Very grateful for any recommendations or connections, thank you.

There, I’ve finally done it!