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Launch celebrates turning 18 by building a pub

Launch has just turned 18 and in celebration of finally being allowed to legally vote, serve on a jury, buy fireworks, get a tattoo and drink alcohol, we’ve built a pub.

All Bar None, situated on the ground floor of our Archer Street offices (and named after our amazing clients, partners, supporters – and of course, Launchers) is now open for service. So, next time you’re in Soho, make sure you pop by for a free drink or two from the daily Specials Board, washed down with a generous helping of insightful creative chat.

We’re afraid the seasonal pickled eggs are on a first come first serve basis, but we can guarantee chilled wine, ice cold beers and homespun cocktails.

You can even ask for a bottle of our home brewed All Bar None IPA.

And we’re not talking illegal moonshine brewed in the potting shed at the end of Johnny’s garden, but a boisterous blonde session ale guaranteed to whet your appetite for another visit.