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Launch in the Mix 01: Don’t You Forget About Me

This strange chasm of time we’ve come to know as lockdown has proven that absence does not necessarily make the heart grow fonder. Of course we’re all filled with longing for that first cold pint in a sweaty beer garden heaving with people, and yearning for physical contact that isn’t through a pair of latex gloves at the Tesco checkout. But lockdown has made us all a little more discerning about who, and what, we love.

Whilst many brands and businesses still remain shut, especially in the leisure and hospitality sector, those committed to long term relationships with their customers have turned to social and digital media as the new love letter. From gyms offering round the clock free fitness classes, to beer brands opening up virtual bars for us to enjoy gratis, the best brands have flirted with us on Tik Tok, slid into our DMs on email, inspired us on Instagram and used Zoom to get up close and personal.

Nike and Psycle seduced us with free classes on IG live and gratis app access. While Ikea, Wagamama and Greggs shared recipes for creating their iconic eats at home – perfect for a date-night in. And our baes at AirBnb took us on romantic getaways virtually, with free armchair travel experiences. Swoon.

The brands who will have our love and loyalty after lockdown are the ones who showed us we still were soulmates during lockdown, regardless of the fact we haven’t spent a penny with them in months. Call it playing the long game, but right now, in week ten of Coronacamp, it feels like unconditional love.

The people, the businesses and brands who ghosted when the going got tough, who haven’t shown us that they have been thinking about us from afar? We’ll be ditching them faster than we’ll be ditching these lockdown haircuts.