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Launch in the Mix 03: Freedom

Super Saturday may not have been the all-out Independence Day we were longing for, but like our friends in America in 1776, we had our first sweet taste of post-lockdown freedom. Downing our first pint and trimming our disastrous lockdown locks may not have been revolutionary, but those first sips and snips did feel a bit like fireworks.

This new-found liberty is a cautious one, however, and we’re not jumping headlong into our old lives like tea being thrown into Boston Harbour. Brands are also innovating with their own emancipation and helping us regain the summer’s festival spirit while staying safe. Easyjet unveiled comic book face masks for its littlest fliers to allay travel anxieties. While Burger King has rolled out social distancing ‘crowns,’ to bat away any space-invading Whopper thieves. And Uber is partnering with the Thames Clipper for Uber Boat to help us keep our distance, while taking in the summer scenes from the waves.

This July Brits and brands alike will be declaring their independence, albeit a tempered one. Full freedom may be a bit away, but this first step is reason enough to light a sparkler, throw on a barbecue, and pour another pint. Or head to the pub for one.