• Erin Dodds

Launch in the Mix 04: Green Linings

That completed puzzle and successful sourdough starter aside, one silver lining of this apocalyptic year is our reconnection with nature and re-prioritising the planet.

While we may not all be joining Extinction Rebellion and planting a boat in Oxford Circus, over half of us found lockdown made us more environmentally conscious – with even a third of us claiming we heard birdsong for the first time. Beats a wailing fox or your neighbour’s 4am car alarm.

Brands are going Greta, too. We helped produce and release a song for our client Hyundai with singer Ren Harvieu to celebrate the electric future that lockdown presented with emptier roads. It helps that this was backed up by their range of cars including electric, hybrid and fuel cell – they walk the walk.

With restaurants now back on the menu, Too Good to Go is helping fight food waste and its environmental impact, all while saving money in these tough times. The app lets people buy surplus food from restaurants at a major discount – perfect when planning your next dinner party for a socially distanced six.

And just this week Amazon launched a climate-friendly program to help shop for sustainable products. Bezos’ brainchild is certainly not without its host of issues, but as more of us become addicted to the allure and ease of Prime when staying home, it’s good to see even the world’s largest retailer is prioritising the planet.

While Zoom pub quizzes can happily fade into oblivion, we hope our passion for sustainability prioritisation continues to bloom, long after we’ve binned (or composted) this strange year.