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Launch in the Mix 05: The Lockdown Break-up

Oh lockdown, we wish we knew how to quit you. While we’ll be bidding adieu for a fling with Tiers, and murmurs of a vaccine have tried to seduce us, it’s you lockdown that cosied up to us again for cuffing season.

While you laid it on thick with your promises of endless Netflix (you nearly won us over with Queen’s Gambit and The Crown) and freezing park walks (just not quite the same as pints in the sun), we’ll have to say farewell soon to our great lockdown 2.0 love affair in favour of meeting Tier 2 (god-willing) under the mistletoe.

Like any great off and on relationship, brands had to put in the graft to lure us back the second time around. The honeymoon phase from March and April was over, the alluring novelty worn away by a summer of Eat out to Help Out and in-person liaisons. For brands to win us back this time, they’d have to seduce us quickly and cleverly for a way back into our hearts and wallets.

March and April saw the tech giants charm us with Netflix, Zoom, and Prime. For cuffing season, however, comforts of the old economy pulled us out of tech’s steely embrace.

Lockdown 2.0 saw us ditch the Zoom and gloom for the comforts of home: we started Christmas early with Bloom and Wild’s letterbox Christmas trees, said so long to Prime for B&Q’s next day delivery, boxed clever with Hawksmoor’s Sunday roast kit, pressed pause on Selling Sunset for Strictly, traded Peroni in the park for Peloton and swapped the sauvignon blanc for Psycle at Home.

Our old lovers adapted from the shock of the spring and won us back with comforting staples as we hunkered down for winter. While we await our one true soulmate (the vaccine, obviously), we’ll think fondly of these lockdown suitors that held us tight in the time of love and corona.