• Erin Dodds

Launch in the Mix 06: No Tiers Left to Cry

After what feels like years in tiers, with the last two unusually unsociable weeks of December, alone, stretching into one endless night of Netflix and cheese, we finally find ourselves facing down the end of our relationship with 2020.

This New Year’s Eve, no fireworks will light the sky, the confetti will be sparse, and drunken snogs in a crowded London club will feel like an ancient ritual of a bygone era. Air kisses only please, the only toxic we want is by Britney Spears.

Instead, we’ll be burning our early love letters to the roaring 20s, untagging every pandemic pic and spending New Year’s Eve washing this year right out of our hair as we get ready to bounce back to business with brands driven by passion and purpose in 2021.

Burger King won entry to our 2021 guest list when they offered to promote struggling indie restaurants on their IG, Timpsons tugged on our heart strings by topping up the pay for all of their employees on furlough, whilst Tesco found the way straight to our hearts when it pledged to pay back its £58m business rate relief (and ensured everyone else followed).

So let’s pour one out for 2020, and when we finally turn up in 2021, we’ll be surrounding ourselves with a squad of brands and businesses who have passed the commitment test, helping us not just survive but thrive.