• Erin Dodds

Launch in the Mix 08: Social Media Butterfly

Aldi emerges as the social media butterfly in the caterpillar wars.

This last week has seen an epic showdown between some of our favourite brands. Legends caught in a battle over social media fuelled by greed, passion and a lifetime of loyalties. A war of memes, words, PR and even legal threats has threatened to destroy both sides. Beloved fans and local communities are being torn apart in the fray.

No, we’re not talking about the football Super League, but the faceoff between greats Colin and Cuthbert the caterpillar.

And this week, it’s our copycat friend Cuthbert that’s come out on top of the rankings thanks to Aldi owning it on social with their World Cup-worthy skills.

While they may have been in the wrong with copying poor Colin, Aldi’s social media managers have dribbled circles around M&S with their always-on approach, quick fire responses and gold medal worthy tone.

While M&S dithered away on the side-lines after the initial news broke, Aldi went for goal after goal, quickly posting memes of poor Cuthbert in jail, branding M&S ‘Marks & Snitches,’ and calling on other supermarkets to band together against Colin.

And just this week they’ve announced they’ll donate Cuthbert sales to charity.

The tweets gained loads of earned media coverage; for the price of a little lawsuit, it's a win-win.

Meanwhile, M&S sat on the side-lines and took over 3 days to respond on Twitter with a single meme. They look slow and out of touch – very Super League if you ask us.

We’ve seen with our own community management clients that social media absolutely requires an always-on approach, quick thinking and sometimes a quickfire wit.

If you’re waiting days for sign off or only joining in the conversation during ‘office hours,’ you’ll be left behind. Best-case, you’ll look out of touch and slow, worst case you’ll let a crisis, caterpillar or otherwise, balloon out of control.

While poor Cuthbert may end up behind bars, Aldi have scored a delicious winner on social just before the final whistle.