• Ellie Tudor

See you soon Soho...

What goes through your head ahead of your first day at a new job? What shall I wear? What will the team be like? How long will my commute take?

What about when your first day at work is in fact, at home? With a maximum one-minute commute to the ‘dining room office’, no one to offer tea rounds to, and only having to worry about what to wear from the waist up on the Monday morning Zoom.

Over the past year, there have been some dramatic changes to how we work. However, starting a new job remotely was certainly an experience, albeit, one that I have been expertly guided through by the team at Launch.

PR is all about communication. So, staying connected to my new team, especially when working remotely, has been key. And it’s something we work hard at at Launch.

Each week starts and finishes with an all-team Zoom. During this time, we catch up on key priorities for the week, share business updates, celebrate the jobs well done – and of course discuss the all important stuff like the latest box set to binge, or how we commiserated the Euros…

Another way we’ve stayed connected is through the Teams chat function. Working in replacement of the quick ‘shout across the office’, the chat means we can keep on top of tasks, quickly share important news articles and check in throughout the day – speed typing at its best.

But as we slowly start to edge back to some kind of normal and leave the dining room table behind (fingers crossed for no more surprise announcements), I’m really excited to get back to the office. It will be fantastic to finally have ad-hoc catch ups with Launchers over a cuppa or simply being able to read the cues of body language, which we all took for granted until Zoom reduced us to floating heads in boxes.

I’m also looking forward to the fully flexible model of working that Launch will be embracing. Over the coming month, we will start working together one to two days a week, reacquainting ourselves with office life, and slowly building back up to a flexible 3:2 model combining office and home working. This flexible structure will give us the opportunity to work from the office on days where creativity and collaboration are needed (and we’re ‘Zoomed out’), and work from home when we need to be more ‘heads down’.

Having just moved from Cambridge to London I’m finally ready to embrace the commute, get more IRL time in with the team (and clients!) and make the most of what this new city has to offer. See you soon Soho…