• Juliet Cameron

Shared values deliver diversity

Diversity breeds creativity. No question. We work in a people and ideas industry and you need different points of view, variety and (friendly) conflict within people to create the best ideas.

Last year, the topic of diversity in our industry reared its head and it remains very high on the agenda for 2021. And yes, we have been talking about it for a long time, but there’s no question there’s a new sense of action currently.

So, like many in our industry, I’ve started asking myself some hard questions. I don’t work with a diverse group of people. Don’t get me wrong, I work with truly brilliant people. They are without doubt the sole reason I’ve got through some of the more challenging parts of the job, particularly over the last 12 months. But are they diverse? Not really.

I’m guilty. The trap I often fall into when it comes to recruiting new talent is to recruit people that ‘fit’. We ask ourselves ‘Can I see them working with my team? My clients?’ So obviously, if we keep doing this, we’ll never recruit talent with difference because we’re recruiting people who fit into the largely homogenous white, middle class world that we find ourselves in.

That means we have to make a conscious decision to recruit people that don’t fit, right?


It’s not about fit at all. It’s about shared values.

Banishing the superficial ‘fit’

At Launch we have a very strong collective understanding of our shared values – this is deep rooted and authentic. So, what we want is a diverse pool of talent that brings different cultures, backgrounds, experiences, opinions and beliefs to the table, but aligned with our strong values of kindness, curiosity, bravery and the indisputable Launch drive. As well as a clear understanding of what as a business we’re trying to achieve.

Sounds straight forward, right? The challenge is firstly, opening up your recruitment pool to fill it with a whole heap of diverse talent, the second is creating an interview process that is more rooted in values, and less in technical skill or superficial ‘fit’.

It’s definitely work in progress but what I do know is we need more time, real time, real tasks to get to know candidates, and for them to really understand us. This way you recruit diverse talent that will stay and grow with the agency and importantly are happy to bring their difference to the table in a positive and brilliant way.

If you relate to Launch, then get in touch and let’s share some values.