• Johnny Pitt

The Soho Return

This week has felt different.

On Monday, post the usual ‘trainers on and out’ first thing, I headed in to our new offices in Soho (you know, commuting and all that), having previously been in the same offices around the corner for 14 years. To meet up with Launch’s COO, Juliet – to talk all things ‘new offices’ and more (mostly about the coffee bar and plants, it transpired!). We then had a business dinner in Soho.

That was followed on Wednesday with a new client meet (in one of our new tech-that-actually-works-instantly meeting rooms). And then on Thursday, a Launch all agency Huddle. And it got me thinking about our return to Soho and our new 3/2 approach; 3 days in (with flex), 2 days not in (with flex). And three things strike me;

1. Our new way of working, new agency home and business life stage (20 years this year - jeeeez!) also represents a clean slate for Launch and everyone in it. A new start and perspective where we can challenge everything, afresh. Even the new tree lined view gives a different outlook, physically of course, but metaphorically, too. I’m personally energized and excited by it all. And in business, that ‘re-set’ opportunity doesn’t always come along that often. So we need to take it, challenge everything and use this ‘change opportunity’ to become a better agency.

2. Whilst the last 18 months have been very tough (understatement of the century), there have been some good things to come out of it. And whilst I’ve massively missed not seeing Launchers, clients and agency partners, one of the biggest challenges I think has been running the creative process, remotely. But interestingly, it’s made us focus on the actual process itself way more than we’ve done for a long time; the due diligence, the common understanding, the detail, the craft and the extra care. And in lockdown our client retention and pitch-win ratio have both been over 90%. So, we need to take that, understand it, and build on it. Zero complacency.

3. Everything just seems a little more balanced, sensible and logical about our way of being, now.

WNTL? WFH or WFO? I’m genuinely excited and interested by the new balance. So, come and see us in our new home; Launch, 44 Ingestre Place, Soho, W1F 0JL – www.hellolaunch.co.uk.

And if you’re looking for a new role or challenge, drop me a line - as we’re hiring. But in a new way, of course.