Marella Cruises
renaming Thomson Cruises.

Develop a naming strategy and come up with a new name for the whole of the Thomson Cruise fleet under new TUI ownership.  

The new name had to be used as a prefix to all TUI ship names – and had to work alongside existing ‘Explorer’ and ‘Discovery’ titles. No mean feat!  


To develop a Cruise + Ship name with brand relevance and customer resonance we developed a number of new creative techniques. After all, our name needed to be ownable, aspirational, unambiguous, functional, meaningful and phonetically pleasing. Phew.  


Through a new creative process, we set about exploring everything from female names associated with water, migratory birds and mammals, to navigation, constellations and exotic stones. Then employed all our creative focus and word smithery.  


Over 3,000 options later, what you see on the seas today was created by Launch in Soho. 


Our recommended Marella Cruises matched all criteria and was chosen by the Board due to its feminine, unique and aspirational nature. It translates literally as ‘shining seas’.

Shining creative, mission accomplished.